BESS Trained Professionals

The following people have successfully completed the BESS Advanced training and/or the BESS Class 2-9 (apartments and non-residential) training. This list is provided to help planning permit applicants find sustainable design professionals for BESS assessments.

The order in which they are listed is based on the date they undertook training and is not a reflection on their respective capabilities.

Please be aware that neither CASBE nor the MAV warrants, endorses or recommends any person or organisation on the list. You need to perform your own due diligence and obtain professional advice tailored to your specific circumstances and needs prior to making any decisions, including commercial or investment decisions.

Contact them to discuss your project.



 Gavin Ashley

 HIP V. HYPE Sustainability

 Jon Morgan


 Ashley Beaumont

 Beaumont Concepts

 Danial Nordinson

 Inhabit Group

 Fadi Shafik

 Keystone Alliance Sustainability Solutions

 Gulsen Karahan

 Luxury Air Engineering

 Karen Hovenga

 Karen Hovenga Sustainability Consulting

 Lou Ristevski

 Matt McLean

 Loucon Property

 The Green Factory

 Nick Mulvany

 Umow Lai

 Rema O’Neill


 Yvonne Hill

 Eco Results

 Chooi Si Chok

 Rara Architecture

 Gary Wertheimer

 GIW Environmental Solutions

 Jean Jonathan Duvergé

 Northern Environmental Design

 Robert Petruzzi 

 Rowan Blakers

 Sustainable Built Environments

 Rudds Consulting Engineers

 Samuel Thomson

 Eco Results

 Savvas Menelaou


 Sharelle Haines

 Energy Lab

 Alberto Garza Barragan


 Bob Wilson

 Waterman AHW

 Chun Yin Wu


 Cormac Kelly

 Wood & Grieve Engineers

 David Perl


 Denis Mallet

 Frater Consulting Services

 Kenneth Yuen

 Wood & Grieve Engineers

 Leona McLaggan


 Nadim Yaacoub

 Jan Talacko

 Mike Rainbow

 Susan Knight

 Jamie Bonnefin

 Jeremy Lavender

 Leonie Dixon

 Paul Graham

 Tony Mai

 Craig Harris

 Crystal Ter

 Joe Arcaro

 Li Huan

 Rob Iacono

 Adel Calache

 Andrew Hooper

 David Canciello

 Jane Lai

 Jen Sanders 

 Lucy Stevenson

 Quentin Lehane

 Tonia Economou

 Jacob Edwards 

 Karin Wallin

 Marina Lehmstedt

 Rachael Stefanis

 Fleur Pitman

 Jennifer Beasley

 Kristin Rurade

 Salv Spitaleri

 Shane Paul

 Steve Clifford

 Trevor Voss

 Damon Cuming

 Josh Fraser

 Kelvin Karanja

 RuRu Wu

 Shivani Desai

 Joseph Oppedisano

 Justin Giannikos

 Matthew Morelli

 Patricia Galan

 Giuditta De Santis

 Selvia Veronica

 Christopher Rozycki

 Dhvanit Shah 

 Louis Manley 

 Peter Clementson

 Nick Sneddon

 Febria Margaretha

 Angelo Kyriakou

 Neil Cooney

 Kan Xiao (Kevin)

 Muzzafar Ahmad

 Mahyar Mousavi

 AKM Mahbub Hassan

 Russell Stork

 Amelie Bonnet

 Laura Smith

 Alex Yip

 Marissa Pellizzeri

 Marilyn Pisani

 Jessica Daaboul

 Zack Zhi

 Nandini Phadnis

 Adam Redmond

 Rob Catchlove

 Erkan Munur

 Rosa Yousefi

 Kretheka Natarajan Rajeswari

 Maria Cudina

 Annie Su

 Geoff Lanigan

 George Pontikis

 Stephen Crowley

 Sarah Rickard

 Tony To

 Leah Vella

 Mario DeFilippis

 Morteza Farmand

 Claire Bowles

 Ram Chaudhary

 Marta Slawuta

 Shaun Clifton

 Anita Rozankovic-Stevens

 Noy Hildebrand

 Kirstie Rogerson

 Raghav Kurapathi Balaji

 Darren Noyes-Brown

 Enrate (Aust)

 Ark Resources

 Ark Resources


 Certified Energy

 Northern Aspect Urban Planning

 Ark Resources


 Melbourne Energy Rating

 Low Impact Development (LID) Consulting

 The Urban Leaf

 Joe Arcaro & Associates

 Integrated Group Services



 Statewide Rating Service

 Ark Resources


 Ark Resources

 Norman Disney & Young

 ARC Enviro Concepts

 Energy Principles

 Frater Consulting Services


 Rudds Consulting Engineers

 Affordable Energy Raters

 Eco Select

 Treeline Design

 Floyd Energy

 Advantage Energy Ratings

 Floyd Energy


 Ovation Group


 Ecofficient Design

 Ark Resources

 Henderson and Lodge Architects

 WSP / Parsons Brinckerhoff

 ENVI Group

 MC2 Energy Consultants

 NRG Efficient Homes


 Giuditta De Santis 

 Selvia Veronica

 e-struct engineering consultants

 Hexicon Consulting


 Sustainable Development Consultants

 Wood & Grieve Engineers

 The Urban Leaf

 Optimal Rate

 Tri Spatial Planning



 Greeno Group

 Dural Group

 J-BAR Services

 Intrax Consulting Engineers

 CADDS Energy

 Wood & Grieve Engineers

 Wood & Grieve Engineers

 Wood & Grieve Engineers

 Blue Bee Sustainable Services

 Intrax Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd


 Sustainable Development Consultants

 Wave Consulting Australia

 Odin Solutions


 F2 Design

 Edge  - DCI Pty Ltd 

 Origin Square Property Consulting Pty Ltd

 Lanigan Civil (Consulting Civil Engineers)

 Empire Thermal Group

 SKOTT Consulting Pty Ltd


 Refreshing Homes Pty Ltd

 RVD Group Pty Ltd

 Thomas Anderson Design

 6 Star Design Pro

 i2C Architects

 TIVRA Consulting Engineers

 Marta Slawuta 

 Thomas Anderson Design

 Cast Urban Planning



F2 Design

Second Nature Engineering

Mabel Loui

Loui Design House